Our company, Sankatsu Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1894 by Amano Hanshichi in Nihonbashi (OEDO). Since the beginning, our company was geared towards selling high quality yukata.

During that period, Tokyo was the only area that produced the Chugata (Now known as Nagaita yukata). Shortly our commodities were highly demanded nationally.

Branching off traditional designs of simple color and cloth like indigo and white cloth, Sankatsu has envisioned and renovated yukata with variety of colors into designs.

Generations of workers whose skills are immeasurable work with our company so that every yukata is hand crafted into perfection. These workers not only worked for our company but they were also a strong supporter of our yukata’s cultural beliefs and values. One of these workers, Kotaro Shimizu, was named as a”Living national treasure”.

Through our products, our objective is to introduce our culture to the world. For more than a century, we had continued to accomplish our vision through passion and we will continue to do so.

Sankatsu Co.,Ltd.
CEO Amano Mikako